13.1 Reasons to Sign Up for a Half-Marathon

2009 10-04 SJ Rock 'n' Roll Half 290-2Are you looking for a way to get in shape or reach your running goals?  Perhaps running a half-marathon or marathon has crossed your mind?  Well, if you needed a few convincing reasons to sign up for that race, read on!

1. New Fitness Motivation.
Are you getting bored with your workouts? Does your fitness routine have no drive or purpose? When you are trying to build up distance and make sure you can cross that finish line, you will have so much more motivation to fit your workouts in. There are many plans you can find online, my favorites being from Hal Higdon. Following a fitness plan to achieve a goal helps you stick with it.

2. Get Fit.
If you aren’t used to logging 15+ miles a week currently, or an equal amount of workouts, you will probably notice positive changes to your body if you train properly. Hello calf muscles!

3. Runner’s High.
If you have never experienced this, get on it! The rush of endorphins after finishing a physically exhausting run is amazing. You will feel exhilarated, refreshed, happy and ready to take on the world.

4. Exercise= More Energy.
I know it seems counter-intuitive, but you really will have more energy when you exercise regularly. The release of endorphins (“runner’s high” from above), will surely boost your productivity. It will also help you sleep better at night.

5. Building Relationships.
Training for something like running 13.1 miles straight is not something everyone goes through. I got to know my last roommate better by running training miles with her. The time spent together was so special since we were running towards the same goal. I signed up for my second half this year basically for the sole purpose of getting my friends together to run. There is a unique bond between people training for half-marathons, and you can be a part of it!

6. Run to Benefit a Charity.
If you think you will need additional motivation to sign up for a run, sign up to run for a charity. In this scenario, you are charged with raising a certain amount of money for a cause you believe in. In October, I’m running for Girls on the Run, an amazing organization aimed at teaching young girls self-esteem and healthy habits. Every single time I don’t want to go out and run, I think twice. I do not want to let those girls down, plus I am working hard to raise money, so I don’t want that effort to go to waste.

Aside from running for a specific charity, almost all runs donate to one or multiple charity organizations. So you can help yourself by running and help others by racing.

7. New Shoes.
Since you will be putting lots of miles on your shoes, there is a change that you will need to buy some new ones. I keep track of my shoe miles either on DailyMile.com. After 200 miles, I start looking for new shoes. Who doesn’t like an excuse to buy new gear?

8. Gained Confidence.
I cannot tell you how awesome it felt to cross the finish line after 13.1 miles of running this past May. A million emotions flooded my brain, but one that stuck around was the confidence that if I can do that, I can do anything.

9. Test the Waters for a Full Marathon.
A half marathon is that perfect distance. Yes, it is a time commitment. Yes, it is a challenge. But a full marathon is something that requires all of your energy, motivation and time. If you want to take on a full marathon, consider a running a half-marathon first to gauge yourself physically and mentally.

10. Participation Medal.
You can acquire many cool medals at half marathons; the bigger the race, the more extravagant the medal.

11. Training is a Great Time to Jam to Worship Music.
I have had some tough runs that I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to get through without positive worship music blasting through my headphones. God is good and brings up the perfect songs just when I need them. I recall one instance specifically when the most beautiful song came on as I was running up a crazy hill, breaking a personal distance record. I reached the top of the hill and tears filled my eyes. I had made it, and it was like God was beside me the entire time. So. Amazing.

12. Running Relieves Stress.
Running has been the biggest stress reliever I’ve ever experienced. Since you can’t really do anything else besides run, you are able to relax and think about your day, dream about the future, and if you’re like me, write a blog post in your head.

13. Providing an Example.
It’s no secret that when someone gets pumped up for something, others want to join in. Aside from following Christ, what is better than inspiring people to get healthy? You never know who might be watching and gaining inspiration from your dedication to a goal.

You can do anything for 13 miles.
Okay, probably not anything, but don’t make it scarier than it is! It will take hard work for sure, but you can do all things through Him who gives you strength! (Phil 4:13)

What do you think? Are you convinced?

What else would you be interested in learning about running/racing?

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