As we get older our digestion becomes less efficient, causing us to need more vitamin B12 in our diet. L
Did you know that bacteria in your gut can transform fiber, via bacterial fermentation, into a healthy fat called butyric acid?
Anthocyanins are antioxidant pigments found in brightly colored plants and have tremendous anti-aging effects. Discover their benefits:
Green tea is very minimally processed and has been used to promote health in China for over 4000 years.
The body releases oxytocin when you're under stress, and it actually causes the body to crave physical touch and social interaction...
Is stress always unhealthy? According to the latest research, how we perceive stress is a greater factor of disease than stress itself...
The research indicates the body has a very specific response to cold water immersion and that ice baths may be beneficial..
It's not just a food that was cool and trendy during the 1960s for fruit salad molds -- gelatin has numerous health properties and should be regularly included in the diet.
Learn how to perform the Tabata Protocol, which completely shocks your system, leaving it confused and unbelievably tired in only 4 minutes.
Are you training for a race or find yourself hitting a running plateau? Cross-training might be just they key to increase your performance.