With the oceans becoming increasing polluted and overfished, it’s important to be aware of which types of seafood are safe to eat and are caught with concern for God’s nature.  Some fish, like shark and swordfish, for example, are at the top of the food-chain and accumulate extremely large amounts of heavy metals in their meat.  Heavy metals, like mercury, are harmful to human health, especially in high concentrations.  

Other fish aren’t as toxic up front but they’re raised or caught in ways that are toxic or damaging to the environment.  While damaging nature might not affect human health immediately, it always does in the long run.  To ensure that you and your family are eating fish that are healthy today and good for the future, refer to the lists below:

Healthy and Consciously Caught Seafood to Enjoy Often (low levels of mercury): Up to eight 6oz servings per month
Arctic Char (farmed)
Catfish (US)
Clams, Mussels, Oysters (except for Gulf Coast Oysters)
Crab: Dungeness & Stone
Crab: Blue
Crab: King (US)
Flounders, Soles (US Pacific)
Pollock: Alaska (US)
Salmon (AK)
Salmon (CA, OR & WA wild)
Sardines: Pacific (Canada & US)
Scallops (farmed)
Scallops (wild)
Shrimp (Canada & US wild)
Shrimp: Pink (OR)
Squid (US)
Tilapia (Ecuador & US)
Tilapia (China & Taiwan)
Trout: Rainbow (US farmed)

Consciously Caught Seafood to Enjoy Sometimes (some mercury):  Up to six 6oz servings per month

Bass: Striped (US hook & line, farmed)
Cod: Pacific (US)
Cod: Atlantic (imported)
Cod: Pacific (US trawl)
Halibut: Pacific (US)
Lobster: American
Lobster: Spiny (CA, FL & Mexico)
Mahi Mahi (US)
Monkfish (US)
Sablefish/Black Cod (AK & Canada)
Tuna: Skipjack/Light canned (imported
troll, pole and US longline)
Tuna: Skipjack/Light canned
(US troll, pole)

Consciously Caught Seafood to Enjoy On Occasion (moderate/high levels of mercury): No more than three 6oz servings per month

Grouper: Red (US Gulf of Mexico)
Tuna: Albacore/White canned
(Canada & US troll, pole)
Tuna: Yellowfin (US troll, pole)
Tuna: Yellowfin (imported troll, pole)
Tuna: Albacore/White canned
(US longline)

Seafood to Avoid (very high levels of mercury or caught in a way that damages nature):

Abalone (China & Japan)
Caviar, Sturgeon (imported wild)
Cod: Pacific (imported)
Crab: Red King (Russia)
Lobster: Spiny (Brazil)
Mahi Mahi (imported)
Orange Roughy
Salmon: Atlantic (farmed)
Shrimp (imported)
Snapper: Red (US)
Squid (imported)
Tuna: Albacore/White canned
(except Canada & US troll, pole
and US longline)
Tuna: Bluefin
Tuna: Skipjack/Light canned
(except troll, pole and US longline)
Tuna: Yellowfin (except troll, pole
and US longline)
Tuna (Bigeye, Ahi)

To obtain a complete and updated list of fish that are caught according to standards of good stewardship, visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium link below.  

References: Updated Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Buyer’s Guide, American Pregnancy Association Mercury Guide

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