The ideal cleanse will flush out the digestive system, give the liver and kidneys a rest, promote a healthy metabolism, provide restorative nutrients for every cell in the body, and serve as a jump start toward healthier eating habits.  The Creation-based 3 Day Cleanse meets these goals because it’s simple, obtainable, short, and effective!  Long/extreme cleanses are often counterproductive because they either cause the body to store more fat when the cleanse is over or they’re unrealistic and provide few immediate or long term benefits. 

By integrating foods that should be consumed as a part of an every day diet, the Creation-based Cleanse promotes long term health.  Its short duration promotes healthy weight loss (if desired), as well as ease of participation.  It really doesn’t take long to cleanse the digestive system, and while long term cleansing of the cells can take months or even years of healthy eating, our 3-day cleanse will help get you on the right track.

Here are the things you’ll need:

Purified/spring drinking water (approximately 9 liters or 2.5 gallons)
1 lb of organic frozen spinach
Cage-free/organic eggs or plain organic yogurt
Wild-caught salmon
3+ lbs of organic vegetables (carrots, romaine lettuce, celery, greens)
Extra virgin olive oil
3+ lbs of organic fruits (especially berries – frozen are fine)
Pink Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt

Things you won’t need:

Refined foods, soda, juice, sugar, grains (baked goods, cereals, or rice), dairy (besides plain yogurt), or meat (except wild-caught salmon).


The basics: Drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables!  For added cleansing and detox take a teaspoon of sea salt per day.  Avoid anything that takes long to digest or can prevent the effectiveness of the cleanse (grains, dairy, meat, refined foods, sugar).

Drinks: Drink primarily pure, unchlorinated drinking water (aim for 10 cups per day).  You can also drink coffee or tea made with pure water.  Coffee and tea are diuretic and contain healthy anti-oxidants (just keep the caffeine below 200 mg per day).  Avoid juice, soda, or alcohol, which contain high amounts of sugar, processed by the liver.  Also, avoid any artificial sweeteners or other chemicals. 

Breakfast: In order to help cleanse the digestive system as well as promote the maximum amount of antioxidant and nutrient absorption, it’s important to eat the right combination of foods as well as the most easily digestible ones.  If you aren’t lactose intolerant you can eat either plain, unsweetened yogurt or eggs for your protein/fat content along with fruits and vegetables.  If you choose yogurt, set some berries aside the night before to add to your yogurt.   Go crazy with the berries, and add as many as you can to your yogurt, or make a berry smoothie with yogurt and water.  Blueberries are probably the best, but raspberries and strawberries are good too! There are so many things you can do with eggs, and they serve as a great vehicle for vegetables.  Try scrambling them with spinach (after you’ve lightly sauteed it first), mushrooms, and onions.  

Snacks: One of the primary goals during this cleanse is to eat as many vegetables as possible!  Vegetable fiber promotes healthy bowel movement, and the hundreds of phytochemicals vegetables contain help purify the blood and heal the body’s cells and organs. In between meals, cut up celery and carrot sticks and dip them in hummus; eat an apple or orange; enjoy a handful of raw nuts, or make a berry/banana smoothie.

Lunch: Make a romaine/spinach salad with a hard-boiled egg, a romaine lettuce and banana smoothie, an avocado milk smoothie, or make a big pot of vegetable soup to have for all three days.

Dinner: Enjoy a 4 oz fillet of salmon (wild, alaskan-caught) with a side salad, sauteed greens (spinach, collard greens, or kale), steamed broccoli, and/or steamed carrots.  If you don’t feel like salmon and veggies, enjoy some vegetable soup or a large salad topped with nuts and an olive oil/vinaigrette dressing.

Salt water cleanse: Taking extra salt can stimulate the digestive system and have a slight laxative effect, further promoting your cleanse.  Sodium chloride (table salt) also competes for cellular absorption with any harmful heavy metals you may have inadvertently consumed.  Pink Himalayan and Celtic sea salt also contain a wealth of important trace minerals!  If you choose to participate in this part of the cleanse, add 1 teaspoon of one of these salts to 16 oz of warm water.  Stir till dissolved then drink.  The best time to drink the salt water mix is early in the morning, about an hour before breakfast, or in between meals.  

You are going to rock the Creation-based 3 Day Cleanse!  I believe that you’ll feel so good at the end that you’ll want to continue eating more vegetables and fruits in your everyday diet! Your body’s digestive system, cells, and organs (especially your liver), will thank you for eating the way God intended us to eat.  

If you want the cleanse to be part of achieving a healthy body mass, emphasize leafy vegetables over fruit and be sure not to binge after the cleanse is over.  After you complete the cleanse, continue to avoid refined foods and sugar, but integrate more free-range meats and some healthy dairy and whole grains.

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