CREUS is a small but growing company located in Sacramento, CA.

We are runners, surfers, artists, parents, professionals, cyclists, rock-climbers, dreamers, artists, weight-lifters, and wanna-be world changers. And we want to help you have the best health possible.

CREUS is about obtaining health through purpose. Humans, animals, plants, and all of nature were created with a purpose. When we acknowledge the value of all living things and the purpose that we were created for, we tap into the life that God intended for us. Eating healthy and exercising are important, but fulfilling ones purpose is the primary key to vitality.

About the founder: CREUS was founded by Jared White out of a passion to help his family, friends, and community have good health. He has two BA degrees (one in business and one in Social Science) and a MA degree (in US History).  Perhaps that’s not what you would expect from the founder of a health and fitness organization, but he uses his research skills to constantly delve into the latest health research and share it in applicable terms. His historic perspective towards health also offers a unique understanding of the causes and trends of wellness and disease over time. Together with a growing team of nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, chefs, and athletes, Jared hopes to make CREUS a catalyst for positive change in the world.