If you are like most Americans, your day starts with coffee. Hopefully that is not the extent of your morning fuel, but if you feel as though that is all you have time for, consider making a switch. An apple is super easy to take on the go and due to the nutrients packed in this juicy fruit, apples wake you up.

The first reason apples wake you up is the natural sugar found within called fructose or fruit sugar. This type of sugar is more slow acting than table sugar, so instead of getting the dreaded sugar high and crash, it will be a steadier stream of energy.

The fiber contained in an apple helps sustain that energy as well. Fiber slows down the sugar’s digestion in the body and makes the effect last longer. The type of fiber in apples also helps lower the risk of heart disease for an added bonus.

Water found in apples, like any water, can also help to wake the body up. Water is essential for life, so if you think about it, this makes sense. Water helps to wake up all of the cells in your body and jump-starts your metabolism for the day. Dehydration causes a feeling of tiredness, so an apple is a great way to add a little water into your diet.

Quercetin, is a polyphenolic flavonoid found in apples that has been shown to provide antioxidant effects. It has also been shown to increase oxygen levels. Over a seven day period, participants in a study who were given quercetin had improved VO2 max levels, or a higher oxygen capacity as well as overall endurance. The higher the oxygen levels in the body, the more oxygen is available to the brain, therefore the quercetin in apples can likely help wake you up.

Dietary polyphenols found in apples are also thought to have a positive effect on blood sugar regulation. Although there are many sugars and carbohydrates in apples, apples’ polyphenol content might help to stop the blood sugar spike, making apples a healthy way to obtain energy.

Other great health benefits from apples include:

Vitamin C: this vitamin is a great antioxidant that can help protect the body from infection and disease.

Great workout fuel: not only do apples have waking powers, the combination of fructose, other types of carbohydrates and water also makes apples great pre-workout fuel.

So why not wake up to a sweet and juicy apple each day? I know after all of this research, I will at least be integrating apples into my diet for some healthy pre-workout energy!

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