The caffeine content of cocoa powder

The caffeine content of cocoa powder can vary depending on the percentage of fat contained in the powder, as well as the type of cocoa bean used. But according to the USDA database, the caffeine content of cocoa powder is about 68 milligrams per ounce (28 grams) of dried cocoa powder. This is less than the amount of caffeine contained in one cup of coffee (about 98 mg). 

In addition to it’s moderate caffeine content, cocoa powder is a good source of a number of minerals including Iron (3.9 mg), Magnesium (140 mg), Phosphorus (206 mg), Potassium (427 mg), Zinc (1.9 mg), Copper (1.1 mg), and Manganese (1.1 mg). So, if you’re looking for a plant-based pick-me-up that’s loaded with minerals and antioxidants, look no further that cocoa powder.  The caffeine content of cocoa powder can actually promote increase metabolism, and the flavor of cocoa powder is difficult to beat! For a great recovery drink, try making a protein shake with whey protein and cocoa powder, sweetened with honey and/or stevia!

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