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We all want quick fixes. Who wouldn't? Unfortunately, mounds of research indicate that there aren't any quick fixes when it comes to health. Most people (over 90%) who lose weight via a fitness program or diet plan gain it back within a few years. The only way to become your healthiest self (which isn't about weight) is to make changes to your lifestyle. Our hope is to provide educational and inspiring content that will help you make many small choices that lead to a healthy lifestyle over time. We look forward to your engagement and feedback!

Non-toxic laundry detergent is definitely something that can be made easily and affordably...
Contrary to the belief of some, purchasing clothes or products made from organic fabrics won't immediately reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals...
With the number of chemicals that we're exposed to on a daily basis and the growing dichotomy between people who are either hysterical or extremely skeptical, it can be difficult to sort out what chemicals pose a real threat to our health.
A NASA study led by Dr. Wolverton and completed in 1989 once again revealed the power of God's creation for health.
Borax is often touted as a natural cleaning agent, but is it safe?
Coconut oil can be used for eating, applying topically, and even household cleaning.