Get stoked enough to make real changes.

We all want quick fixes. Who wouldn't? Unfortunately, mounds of research indicate that there aren't any quick fixes when it comes to health. Most people (over 90%) who lose weight via a fitness program or diet plan gain it back within a few years. The only way to become your healthiest self (which isn't about weight) is to make changes to your lifestyle. Our hope is to provide educational and inspiring content that will help you make many small choices that lead to a healthy lifestyle over time. We look forward to your engagement and feedback!

Get inspired to make use of walking meetings by watching this quick video. Think outside the box by getting outside the box!
Learn how to properly train your muscles to failure and what overload can do for your strength and performance.
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I always spray on liberal amounts of my antioxidant solution, and it provides quick recovery from burns...
In my opinion, the next best thing to owning a goat is owning a push-lawnmower...
About 20% of us suffer from hay fever or nasal allergies (rhinitis) this time of year. Why is it that our bodies respond so vehemently?
Gentlemen, flowers aren't just for the ladies anymore -- beyond their aesthetic value, there are many flowers that have tremendous health benefits!
Time spent outdoors, away from the city, is less toxic, less busy, and provides the opportunity to re-connect to life.
You don't have to spend hours on the treadmill or run miles and miles at the break of dawn before work to loose weight and get healthy.
If you opened this blog out of pure curiosity or skepticism about the title, that's understandable. Connecting to the earth for "healing energy" sounds more like a belief from a New Age religion, than something that belongs to the realm of scientific discovery or that glorifies God as creator...