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We all want quick fixes. Who wouldn't? Unfortunately, mounds of research indicate that there aren't any quick fixes when it comes to health. Most people (over 90%) who lose weight via a fitness program or diet plan gain it back within a few years. The only way to become your healthiest self (which isn't about weight) is to make changes to your lifestyle. Our hope is to provide educational and inspiring content that will help you make many small choices that lead to a healthy lifestyle over time. We look forward to your engagement and feedback!

You won't be getting the nutrients out of all the veggies you eat if you aren't eating them with the right kind of fat!
Vitamin D sampler - a quick video blurb about why you need vitamin D, how much, and how to get it.
About 20% of us suffer from hay fever or nasal allergies (rhinitis) this time of year. Why is it that our bodies respond so vehemently?
While generally, unprocessed foods are healthier than manufactured ones, science is often successful at manufacturing exact replicas of micronutrients (like vitamin C). Synthesization in a lab...
Creatine is one of the most researched weight lifting and sport supplements on the market. While many remain skeptical about what creatine is or how it works, the science behind creatine is pretty simple.
These essential fatty acids (meaning your body can't produce them), cause a cascade of beneficial anti-inflammatory (or mildly inflammatory) actions in the body. In order to obtain their benefits, however, they must be consumed in a high amount...
Are omega-3s another one food wonder, a marketing scheme, or are they legitimately important for health?
We've all experienced days when our thinking and memory were a bit sluggish and other days when our minds seemed to be functioning at full-throttle. Wouldn't it be nice to have more days with clarity of mind and full-throttle thinking?
With enough sunlight and good health habits, you can typically alleviate seasonal affective disorder or banish it altogether...
Do you know what the optimum vitamin d values in your blood are? This knowledge is important for your health.