There is a growing belief among scientists and in popular health circles that our genes determine our future.  More than ever, people are interested in knowing the makeup of their genetic code.  We’re genetically testing our babies before they’re born or submitting DNA samples to one of the many new genetic testing companies to determine our genetic fate. Genetic testing is quickly become the new horoscope reading for the wealthy or “scientifically minded.”  

The actual science, however, reveals another story.  Our genes are not an unchangeable blueprint for the construction of our bodies — they’re more like a garden bed with a variety of different seeds.  What grows depends on the quality of the soil, what nutrients are added, and if the garden receives regular sunlight and water.  The garden can grow anything from weeds to healthy vegetables.  Our genetic code contains coding for multiple expressions of any given biological trait.  We can actually become stronger, smarter, and healthier by influencing our genetic expression. How do we do this? We do so by living the way we were created to live: eating real foods, exercising, and loving those around us.  Watch the short talk below by Dean Ornish to see the compelling evidence:

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