Nuts to Lose Weight and Gain Life

When was the last time you enjoyed one of those hard-shelled, edible fruit kernels we commonly know as the nut? Do you chomp a handful daily, or eschew them due to their intimidating high fat content? If you aren’t consuming a moderate amount of nuts on a regular basis, you may want to reconsider your diet. Research shows that you can reap a wealth of benefits from munching this crunchy, savory whole food. Read on to discover why you should be eating nuts-for your overall health, your waistline and even to possibly prolong your life. 

Nuts for nutrition: Let’s look at some of the basic nuts and bolts of nut health. Nuts come in a wide variety of shapes, tastes and sizes, and each type offers up a different serving of health benefits. However, most nuts offer the same nutrients, namely: Vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, fiber, potassium, copper, folic acid, unsaturated fats, Omega-3 fatty acids and phytosterols (plant sterols or compounds), all of which help keep your body running properly, not to mention play a vital role in heart health by helping to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, keeping your arteries healthy and reducing the risk of heart arrhythmias that can lead to heart attack. The nutrients in nuts also help to reduce inflammation and decrease the risk of type-2 diabetes and some cancers. 

Nuts for weight loss: Some folk may fear that consuming nuts will only add flab to their waistline. However, recent studies suggest that nuts can actually help you lose weight, due to their high fiber and protein density. Protein helps you preserve lean muscle mass, and fiber and protein both give you a higher level of satiety (help you feel fuller longer), thus encouraging you to eat less overall. The key is portion control. About 1.5 ounces of nuts daily is enough to benefit from the nutrient-packed goodness of this crunchy snack!

Nuts for longevity: To review, nuts can contribute to a lower risk of diabetes and some cancers, help enhance your heart health, help you maintain a healthy weight and give you a major boost of nutrients-all of which spell greater overall health and a better chance at a longer life. In fact, a recent trial conducted in Spain suggested that people who consume nuts on a regular basis enjoyed a 39% lower mortality risk than those who did not eat nuts regularly.

For a snack with a lot of appetizing goodness, pop open a can or crack open a shell of your favorite variety of nuts. Don’t be afraid to mix up your nut choices to enjoy the flavorful benefits of each kind. You’ll not only add some extra health to your life, you might add on a few years also!


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  1. They should also be raw, and soaked & dehydrated at around 100-105 degrees to make them more digestible. Soaking removes oxalic aci

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