While most people in U.S. are accustomed to using the modern toilet, there’s reason to believe that squatting is superior to sitting for purposes of elimination. Toilets as we know them are a relatively modern invention – throughout history and in most of the world today, people squat to relieve themselves. Biological evidence suggests that our bodies were designed to most efficiently answer the call of nature in the squatting position. Squatting is also the most natural position to take if unaided by toilet technology.

Research suggests that squatting may prevent colon cancer, cure hemorrhoids, relieve constipation, and prevent a number of other health problems. The detrimental health effects of sitting rather than squatting result from the differing position of the intestines. The sitting position required by using the toilet puts a kink in the large colon, resulting in unnecessary strain (which causes hemorrhoids) and incomplete elimination (which can cause colon cancer). By contrast, the squatting position puts the intestines in the right alignment for complete and effortless elimination. The practice of squatting also improves posture and strengthens the legs. Moreover, for women, squatting can prepare the body for natural, less-painful birthing.

A host of health problems are virtually unknown to most of of the world’s population, because most of the world squats to answer the call of nature. You can join the majority in good colon and intestinal health by making a simple change of habit. For more information about the history and evidence supporting squatting for optimum health, or to purchase your own squatty potty, I recommend visiting Squatty Potty LLC.

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