With all of the different information we have about what’s healthy and what’s not, you think it would be easier to hop on the bandwagon and follow it all the way to perfect health. The reality is that there is a lot of misinformation. As our world has been industrialized, so has our food system. The food industry is full of big business trying to maximize their food production in order to maximize their profits. As consumers, we must realize that food companies do not have our best interest in mind. Money is their motive, not our health. With that said, we can assume that the information at our fingertips is not the most trustworthy. Big food businesses fund their own research, which leads to biased interpretations and applications of information. This information is then fed to the public and is taught like fact.

As early as the 1800s, researchers could read the writing on the wall: 

“In medicine, we are often confronted with poorly observed and indefinite facts which form actual obstacles to science, in that men always bring them up, saying: it is a fact, it must be accepted.”  — Claude Bernard, in An Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine, 1865

In the midst of all the chaos there is in the health world, I’d like to offer one simple rule for healthier eating: Eat whole foods. Eat the foods that are found in God’s nature. You’ve probably heard this before, so I’m going to say it a little differently this time: Eat ingredients rather than food products. You may be consuming a lot of boxed meals, health bars, “juice” drinks, shakes, mixes, potions, or whatever else, but they’re not whole foods. For the most part they are unhealthy, food products.

Food companies know that some consumers want to eat healthier, so they make products that appear to meet these demands. They can’t risk losing such a large population of “healthy” consumers. The problem is, these food products still aren’t whole foods. Most of them are still filled with loads of sugar, unhealthy fats, aging ingredients, or preservatives. The big food businesses (with profit in mind) will never create a truly healthy product. The reason is that God created everything we need for optimal health, and it is up to us to make use of it.

Garden harvest

Try using whole ingredients to make your own raw trail mixes, protein shakes, and snack bars if you like these items on the go. More importantly, eat real food at every meal. If you’re eating ingredients rather than food products, you’ll know exactly what you’re eating, as everything on your plate will be fairly easy to identify. Avoid anything that is pre-made. CREUS offers various do-it-yourself recipes from Mayonnaise to Clarified Butter (ghee); take advantage of these. God gave us an abundance of ingredients to work with, and He created them with our best interest in mind. This week, I challenge you to focus on eating food made of real ingredients rather than pre-made food products.

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