For those of you looking for a smarter and easier alternative to using paper towels, here’s an idea a few of my friends  inspired me to put into action: reusable cloth towels. While the idea might not sound incredibly inventive on the surface (after all that’s what paper towels sought to replace), it gets better.  

Think about the reasons most of use paper towels. Disposable paper towels are convenient, accessible, sanitary, and cheap. When we use paper towels in the home it’s because we want to wipe something up and throw it away. We don’t want to think about whether or not it will ruin one of our nice kitchen towels, and we don’t want to have to dirty a perfectly clean towel for one use.

So here’s the solution — cheap cloth towels in bulk. Industrial white towels are used in professional kitchens and for other industrial applications for a reason. In the long run reusable towels are more affordable, more durable, easier to use, and much friendly for the environment than paper towels.

Did you know that paper towel use in the United States accounts for 3,000 tons of waste everyday?  Think about how many trees and how much water goes into producing those disposable towels for the sake of convenience. The good news is that we don’t have to harm God’s beautiful nature just to make life a little easier in the moment. 

Instead of buying paper towels, consider buying a bunch of industrial cloth towels that you won’t have to worry about. They won’t have your grandma’s embroidery on them or a tag with the name of your favorite brand. Then, when your two-year-old spills some milk on the kitchen floor, don’t reach for a paper towel, grab one of the 100 industrial towels you have on hand, wipe up the milk, and throw it in the laundry. With enough plain, economical towels on hand, using a towel for one use won’t be a big deal. You’ll have all the benefits provided by paper towels (convenience, sanitation, accessibility) without the extra cost or environmental damage that results from using disposable paper towels!  

You can purchase industrial white towels from a number of local cleaning supply or automotive stores, or you can check out this 100 pack of towels available on Amazon: 


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Photo by mattheuxphoto – the inside of a paper towel roll. The paper towel “black hole.”

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    • Yes! I know what you’re talking about! I went to a wedding at a resort once where the restrooms had cloth towels instead of paper towels!

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